Emerald Construction have over 20 years experience in demolition and clearing sites across the Isle of Wight and the south of England. Whether it be building site clearance or partial demolition/refurbishment of a building, our civil engineering and demolition solutions can be tailored for all your demolition needs.

With so much experience, a highly skilled team and with proven demolition methods, let us take on the most complex and environmentally sensitive projects, whilst delivering on time and within budget.

Environmentally Friendly Demolition

At Emerald Construction, we are aware that demolition projects have a large environmental impact and we pride ourselves on being as green as possible.

Therefore, we ensure full waste management and recycling plans are used within all our demolition projects. As an environment conscientious firm, we promote the use of recycling as much resource as possible from any phrase of the demolition project. We offer a greener, more environment friendly service for all your projects by minimising waste, dust, odours and noise.

One of the methods we use to keep demolition as environmentally friendly as possible is by concrete crushing. Traditionally when a building made of concrete is demolished, trucks would take the concrete to a landfill site. We are aware that is a waste and a huge impact on the environment. Therefore, we utilise the concrete by putting the rubble through a crushing machine. This concrete can then be reused to keep costs and the environmental impact to a minimum.

Factory Reclamation

We also offer a refurbishment service for old rundown factories in need of a face lift from stripping old cladding and replacement of new to total refurbishment to internal and external of any factory. The photos opposite show refurbishments of factory units and service yard.

Soft Strip

Not all of our projects involve the demolition of the structural elements of the building. We also partake in the removal of all non-structural foundations inside and outside of the facility. Soft strip projects can be either be a single project, or as part of an ongoing refurbishment project. We can offer the removal of fixtures and fittings, removal of internal ceilings.

Emerald will always recycle as much of the waste as possible to ensure the waste going to landfill is an absolute minimum.

Structural Modification

Sometimes for a proposed modification of a building, a structural modification must take place prior. We can re-engineer the structure of a building to accommodate the proposed changes. Usually in structural modification, it involves the relocation of load bearing elevations. We do this by being extremely precise and detailed to ensure a collapse doesn’t happen.

Top Down Demolition

This technique is often used in high rise buildings. The procedure involves deconstructing the building floor by floor, starting from the top. We use this method on high and medium rise properties, as it is the safest method and provides an excellent level on control for those working on the site. For this method of demolition, we do erect scaffolding around the property, with equipment being raised to each of the working levels. A very technically challenging technique but with Emerald Construction, you can be assured the work will be completed to the safest and highest standards.

Other Demolition Services:

· Scaffolding, cladding & hoarding erection

· Remediation

· Concrete Crushing

· Façade Retention

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