Development of New Houses - Ashey Road, Ryde.


Following a telephone call from the developer we were asked if we could help on this project. The previous groundwork contractor had walked off site, due to ground conditions being so bad, there was a land slippage that threatened a row of newly built houses. The original contractor tried in vain to deal with this slippage and almost lost his machinery in the land slip.

Emerald construction designed and devised a scheme to enable a safe practical way to enable us to solve the land slippage problems. We gave an estimate of likely costs so that client could allow these costs in his budget.

Ashey Road 2

This photo shows the start of the supporting retaining walls to the upper level bank. Once a section was complete and land drain installed behind the wall we would backfill and compact and then remove temporary shoring. We would then proceed further into the land slip area.

With the use of gabion baskets and natural stone a free draining retaining structure was formed on a concrete foundation. With the use of a Tensar ss40 geogrid we were able to excavate slippage back fill with grandular fill with layers of geogrid roll and compacted to form a type of access road into slippage area.

Ashey Road 4

This photograph shows newly form ground stabilization using the method already mentioned.

Ahey Road 5

This last photograph shows gabion baskets being faced up with brick wall and steps leading up to newly formed patio area. Emerald Construction thrives on solving problems that a client may come across while developing site.

With forward planning this slippage on this site could have been avoided, the developer had chosen a ground working contractor that was out of his depth. The developers choice to proceed with the house foundations without addressing the means of supporting the bank when reduced dig was done cost him. If the retaining structures were installed first along boundary with proper drainage all this could have been avoided and costs would have been reduced.

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